Deco_Bande_02 3 motifs petits
Deco_Bande_02 3 motifs petits


Apothem : The apothem of a regular polygon is a line segment from the center to the midpoint of one of its sides. Equivalently, it is the line drawn from the center of the polygon that is perpendicular to one of its sides. (Wikipeddia)

Hawser : A hawser is a large rope used for mooring and towing ships. It serves, in the large merchant navy or in river navigation, the making of dormant maneuvers, as well as the maneuvers of force. (Wikipédia)

Bard : Wooden stretcher used by stonecutters to carry stones to quarries. (Wikipédia)

Cladding : Loading, followed by a transport of more or less heavy materials. (Wikipédia)

Sacking : Seating is in masonry stones forming corners and placed across with each other. We are talking about corner chaining. (Wikipedia).

Bracing : Technique of assembling pieces of wood using ropes. (Wikipédia)

Laminar flow : Regular flow of a fluid, where all the layers follow parallel paths, thus decreasing the resistances. (Wikipédia)

Hatch : Rectangular opening in the deck of a boat, intended for the passage or loading or unloading of goods and stores. (Wikipédia)

Coanda effect : The attraction or attachment of a jet of fluid by a convex surface on which it flows. (Wikipédia)

Electrum : Alloy composed of gold and silver found naturally in varying proportions.  (Wikipédia)

Sling : A flexible lifting accessory made of rope or webbing. (Wikipédia)

Estrope : Rope ring whose two ends are spliced together. (Wikipédia)

Log : A piece of wood consisting of a trunk or a portion of untrimmed trunk, usually covered with bark.  (Wikipédia)

Karst : Geomorphological structure resulting from the hydrochemical and hydraulic erosion of all soluble rocks, mainly of carbonate rocks, mainly limestone. (Wikipédia)

Lithophone : An idiophone-type percussion instrument consisting of a set of sound stones, either placed on the ground or suspended by various means, which is struck by means of wooden sticks or other stones.  (Wikipédia)

Pergola : Small openwork structure to protect from the sun.

Pyramidion : Pyramidal element crowning the top of a pyramid and more generally a monument. (Wikipédia)