Deco_Bande_02 3 motifs petits
Deco_Bande_02 3 motifs petits



Planning is splitted into the supply of blocks, wood, ropes, as well as the shaping, transport on-site, the rise and the positioning of the blocks in place; that is to say the image of the installation of a block at every two minutes, sixty minutes an hour, twelve hours a day, 350 days a year, during 24 years.  This frightening image imposes respect and admiration.  The least delay at this rhythm would have caused a corresponding delay being spreaded over several years.

This colossal task forces to define a hierarchy between the workers and use in first line any resource, equipment or method able of a intense production, and to relegate in second line or support the other elements.

They did not miss workers and craftsmen whose: carrier, operator, daily labourer, tailor, polisher, blacksmith, logger, carpenter, cabinetmaker, rope-maker, weaver, sail maker, navigator, farmer, stockbreeder, butcher, tanner, ceramist, baker, cook, brewer, goldsmith, and undoubtedly geometricians, merchants, doctors, and officials.




Dessin : Dany Lavoie


Deco_Bande_03 petit