Deco_Bande_02 3 motifs petits
Deco_Bande_02 3 motifs petits



At the time of the Pharaohs, most of the population lived in reeds shelters along the rivers; the roofs were bounded or ballasted with stone or soil with, by places, wind-cutter walls made of stone, brick or beaten ground; the apartments gained in resistance according to the social level to become palates.

Considering the size of the building site, the organization of the workshops, camps for workers and peripheral accesses, it would have taken at least six months to dig the downward gallery, to set up the first line of facing blocks to delimit the perimeter and fill interior space with coarsely squared mass blocks.  It is more time than one should need to realize that one is there for a long time, as well to put itself at ease, to adapt its life to the building site and vice versa.

It is inconceivable that workers present on the building site the morning, carry out their tasks, moves away for a meal, resumes work after the meal, and sets out again at the end of day to find their families.  So I believe that it is necessary to draw aside the idea to proceed layer by layer, which causes too much displacement of people and of lifting equipment and leave no refuge for the workers in the event of sudden storm or of abundant precipitations.

On all large building sites, managers, foremen and team leaders saw themselves allotting buildings deprived outside the limits, this would be only to prevent that problems occurred in the course of day do not degenerate into evening or during the night.  The workmen, as for them, are gathered in common spaces on the building site; in this case, one speaks at the beginning about a square platform of work about 230 m side, in full sun, whipped by the wind or under the rain.

Probably that the building site was organized to limit displacements.  We put forth the assumption that once a belt of two blocks height was built on the circumference of a level, it is probable that a part along this one was arranged in pergolas for the needs of the building site and the workers, whereas the other part of the perimeter remained an active zone, in raising process, two rows or plus at the time.  The core, as for him, constituted a building site in itself.  The height reached by the southern side never exceeded the height reached by work on the core in order to maintain a provisioning and access road.




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Dessin : Dany Lavoie

Observed from the south, on the platform, the building site looks like a large square amphitheater rising little by little, declining from north to south, following the work progress on the core.  Inside the enclosure, on the sectors except construction, one found on two levels at the time, cabins in papyrus which can shelter offices for the building site, workshops, bakeries, workers, families, etc.  From these cabins, the people had a direct sight on the building site.  These summary shelters, protected by the stone rampart were moved with intervals of three or four months according to requirements' of the building site.  For healthiness requirements, they were perhaps replaced by new ones while the old ones used as fuel.



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Dessin : Dany Lavoie

In fact, we put forth the assumption that the building site of the Khufu’s pyramid was inhabited during the first fifteen or twenty construction years, as long as the platform was broad enough to maintain a restricted number of cabins.




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