Deco_Bande_02 3 motifs petits



Deco_Bande_02 3 motifs petits

It is pointed out that about 3 000 000 blocks, including 30 % loss, weighing each an average of 2,5 t were required to build the pyramid.  Few of them could however weigh up to 60 t.

Construction should have started with the implantation of the center and the axes according to the cardinal points, localization of the four corners, correction of closing errors, localization of the apothems on the axes and the layout of the sides.  Thereafter, the establishment of outside reference marks defined a large workspace to groove and level the base, install the angles and apothems stones, and draw on ground the print of the galleries and rooms.  One could have then begin digging the downward gallery, installation of sat blocks on sides east, north, west and south just as the base of the ascending gallery.




Dessin : Dany Lavoie


Deco_Bande_03 petit